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Para libros de dos autores:

Haz tu cita por vía telefónica o Internet

Agregar una nueva cita y una fuente de información a un documento

Retailers single solenoid pneumatic actuator - dating - paintball. La cita debe lucir de la siguiente manera: The Baking Company, Spam text messages from dating sites. Speed dating in metro detroit michigan. Deja el nombre del autor fuera si no aparece uno. The problem with dating bruna nessif. Tips on dating a japanese girl. Traditional dating and internet dating the pros and cons. Wbls steve harvey morning show dating game. What is it like dating a swedish man El estilo APA utiliza el autor y la fecha.

Incluye el sitio web en tu lista de referencias. Utiliza el siguiente formato para todos los sitios web. Apellido del autor, iniciales. Sigue el formato para un sitio web.

Cita el sitio web de la siguiente manera: What makes the author qualified to write on this topic? Is there clearly defined contact information for the author? Source of the information Who is the publisher? Is it a non-profit, government agency, or organization? How might this affect their point of view? What makes the publisher qualified to generate works on this subject?

What can the URL tell you about the publisher? Reliability and truthfulness of the content Where does the information come from? Can the information presented be verified? Is it supported by evidence that is clearly cited? Does the language used seem free of emotion, and does the work seem impartial and objective?

Are there any spelling or grammatical errors? If an online source, are all links working? Where was the information originally published? How original are the ideas presented in the work? Do they seem to be common knowledge? Importance of the information to your topic Does the information relate to your topic, or answer the question you have presented? Who is the intended audience of the work?

Does that audience match with yours? Have you looked at other sources related to this one?

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