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As the same passage records the arrival of Thibaut in Navarre to join his uncle in , it is assumed that " quo tempore rex " is intended to mean "during the time his uncle was king" rather than "while he [Thibaut] was king".

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Since the s there have been numerous in-depth studies and adaptations of the examen to contemporary needs. This is explained below under the title "Examen of Consciousness.

Meditation and contemplation, and for instance the aforementioned examen, are best guided, Ignatius says, by an experienced person. Jesuits, and those following Ignatian spirituality, meet with their spiritual director traditionally a priest, though in recent years many laypersons have undertaken this role on a regular basis weekly or monthly to discuss the fruits of their prayer life and be offered guidance. Ignatius sees the director as someone who can rein in impulsiveness or excesses, goad the complacent, and keep people honest with themselves.

But the director should not so much explain but simply present the exercises, to not get in the way of God who "communicates himself with the well-disposed person. The founder of the Society of Jesus emphasized effective love love shown in deeds over affective love love based on feelings. He usually ended his most important letters with "I implore God to grant us all the grace to know His holy will and to accomplish it perfectly.

This is expressed in Ignatius' prayer in the last exercise of his Spiritual Exercises , which remains popular among Jesuits: Where Francis of Assisi 's concept of poverty emphasized the spiritual benefits of simplicity and dependency, Ignatius emphasized detachment, or "indifference. Hence, a Jesuit or one following Ignatian spirituality placed in a comfortable, wealthy neighborhood should continue to live the Gospel life without anxiety or possessiveness, and if plucked from that situation to be placed in a poor area and subjected to hardships should with a sense of spiritual joy accept that as well, looking only to do God's will.

Prayer and efforts at self-conquest: Ignatius's book The Spiritual Exercises is a fruit of months of prayer. Thus, he also speaks of mortification and of amendment. Though the concept of devotion to Christ's mercy, as symbolized in the image of the Sacred Heart, goes further back, its modern origins can be traced to St. Marie Alacoque , a Visitation nun, whose spiritual director was the Jesuit St. The Jesuits promoted this devotion to emphasize the compassion and overwhelming love of Christ for people, and to counteract the rigorism and spiritual pessimism of the Jansenists.

Ignatius counselled people to receive the Eucharist ic bread more often, and from the order's earliest days the Jesuits were promoters of "frequent communion".

It should be noted that it was the custom for many Catholics at that time to receive Holy Communion perhaps once or twice a year, out of what Catholic theologians considered an exaggerated respect for the sacrament. Ignatius and others advocated receiving the sacrament even weekly, [2]: By the time of Pope St. Pius X — , "frequent communion" had come to mean weekly, even daily reception.

Ignatius made his initial commitment to a new way of life by leaving his soldier's weapons and symbolically, his old values on an altar before an image of the Christ child seated on the lap of Our Lady of Montserrat.

Also, the Jesuits were long promoters of the Sodality of Our Lady , their primary organization for their students until the s, which they used to encourage frequent attendance at Mass, reception of Communion, recitation of the Rosary , and attendance at retreats in the Ignatian tradition of the Spiritual Exercises.

The purpose of the Society of Jesus, says the Summary of the Constitutions , is "not only to apply one's self to one's own salvation and to perfection with the help of divine grace, but to employ all one's strength for the salvation and perfection of one's neighbor.

Finding God in All Things: The vision that Ignatius places at the beginning of the Exercises keeps sight of both the Creator and the creature, the One and the other swept along in the same movement of love. In it, God offers himself to humankind in an absolute way through the Son, and humankind responds in an absolute way by a total self-donation. There is no longer sacred or profane, natural or supernatural, mortification or prayer—because it is one and the same Spirit who brings it about that the Christian will see and "love God in all things—and all things in God.

The Examen of Consciousness is a simple prayer directed toward developing a spiritual sensitivity to the special ways God approaches, invites, and calls. Ignatius recommends that the examen be done at least twice, and suggests five points of prayer:. It is important, however, that the person feels free to structure the Examen in a way that is personally most helpful. There is no right way to do it; nor is there a need to go through all of the five points each time.

A person might, for instance, find oneself spending the entire time on only one or two points. The basic rule is: Go wherever God draws you. And this touches upon an important point: Discernment is rooted in the understanding that God is ever at work in one's life, "inviting, directing, guiding, and drawing" one "into the fullness of life. It presupposes an ability to reflect, a habit of personal prayer, self-knowledge, knowledge of one's deepest desires, and openness to God's direction and guidance.

Discernment is a prayerful "pondering" or "mulling over" the choices a person wishes to consider. In discernment, the person's focus should be on a quiet attentiveness to God and sensing rather than thinking. The goal is to understand the choices in one's heart, to see them, as it were, as God might see them.

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